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I was treated in the clinic “Modern Family Dentistry”

I was treated in the clinic “Modern Family Dentistry”, and I want to say that I have never been to a clinic with such a pleasant atmosphere. For the first time, already at the entrance met friendly and smiling girls, at the sight of which you immediately forget about fear, the clinic is constantly clean and order, all to work carefully.
Thanks to my dentist Kuchinsky Julia Mikolaini who, using her knowledge, modern materials and equipment, did her best to forget about her problems with her teeth. The prices are moderate. I recommend!

Оксана Даниленко

My acquaintance with this clinic

My acquaintance with this clinic was less successful than all previous patients who left mega-positive reviews on 10 pages. Cured tooth decay in September this year, after the treatment the tooth continued to hurt, there was a sensitivity to cold / hot. One and a half to two months later she came to consult a doctor. It turned out that in the treated tooth it is necessary to clean channels, to remove nerves. I do not even know what struck me the most. Commenting the doctor on this situation, like “you have an infection there, so it may be over time” or that “smart” two-year insurance does not cover an elementary replacement of a seal during a repeated tooth treatment. Guys, talk to patients. We are not stupid. If you, as specialists, will be an accessible language to explain to us what and how it is, from this
you will only grow in the eyes of the patient as a high-level professional.
Only I’m so unlucky, or just filter reviews – I do not know. But unfortunately, I did not have love with this clinic. The tooth is altered in another clinic, in another city.
The very organization of work, the interior, the admins – all at the highest level. I wish you a little sincerity, prosperity and grateful customers!


I’m very glad that I found you!

I’m very glad that I found you! I never thought that a dental treatment can deliver so positive impressions. Thank you very much Vladimir Vladimirovich! To say that the doctor coped well with a complex operation is to say nothing. Vladimir Vladimirovich provided me with the most comfortable and painless conditions. The doctor’s confidence in that, and how he did completely dispelled my fears and doubts! I highly recommend and vouch for the exceptionally positive impressions of the clinic.


Very nice doctors!

Very nice staff, qualified doctors, pleases an individual approach to each client, I advise everyone this clinic))

Катерина Пилипенко

Excellent clinic!

Excellent clinic. I use it since October 2016. I like everything very much. Sinuly also prevented and was very pleased, although it was removing 2 denticles !!! Thanks you!!!


Wonderful clinic with impeccable service

Modern Family Dentistry is a wonderful clinic with impeccable service. Real professionals work here – experienced, skilled and pleasant in communication. I really like that doctors explain everything in detail and are available, answer all questions about the condition of the teeth, the options for their treatment, and advise on care. The clinic is perfectly equipped, modern technologies are used to treat teeth. The staff is friendly, oriented to the needs of the client and does everything possible to ensure that both expectations and treatment, as well as the period after treatment, are as comfortable as possible.


For a long time I use the services of this clinic

For a long time I use the services of this clinic, very satisfied! Doctors-professionals, service at the highest level, provide quality and competent treatment ☝️


This is the same case

This is the same case when the expectation coincides with reality! It will not be difficult to say about qualified doctors, innovative technologies, a full range of dental services and an individual approach to each patient, but it will certainly require titanic work, professionalism, enthusiasm and proper marketing, so that this can be implemented and provided to clients. My choice was successful, because the team of the CCC with this fully copes! It’s nice to see young guys who are so competent and professionally fit for business. And – yes, it’s nice to feel the care that the CCC team shows, from a cup of delicious coffee and ending with a call with a question like how you are after the operation. SSS is not just a dental office – it’s a full-fledged complex where you can be provided with various services including a surgeon, orthodontist, CT, etc., and where you can comfortably spend time sitting on the couch waiting for your reception or loved ones. I liked the flexibility in the process of scheduling the treatment, when the doctors went out on their weekends, when it was convenient for me. Thank you SSS for care and service! I and my family are with you! Do not stop, develop!


The location of the clinic is very convenient!

The location of the clinic is very convenient! The center is 5 minutes walk! At lunchtime, you can also heal a tooth!


We serve the second year in the clinic!

We serve the second year in the clinic! Spend every time shares!! Recently won a professional tooth cleaning! THANK YOU FOR THE COLLECTIVE !!! VERY NICE!!!!! I recommend everything to everyone


There is a children’s dentist!

There is a children’s dentist! We have treated the teeth and are ready for school! Also that it was very pleasant it is possible to pass inspection before school and not wait in turn!!!

Илья Алескандрович

After the operation give out the pills

After the operation give out the pills and do not have to go anywhere in the drugstores! Thank you for attention!!! And patient support!


The clinic has a bonus system

The clinic has a bonus system! Nice to receive gifts!


I recommended to relatives from abroad

I recommended to relatives from abroad a clinic! He remained satisfied. The staff knows the English language!!! There were no problems! Thank you for the service!


It is nice that there is also a treatment

It is nice that there is also a treatment and examination in one place! No need to run with pictures! Qualitatively served!!


Nowhere did they want to take our case

Nowhere did they want to take our case! And only in the clinic Modern Simine Dentistry told us that they would help!!!! Very happy!!! Thanks!!!! Competent professionals are working!!!


I did not think that there is such a clinic

I did not think that there is such a clinic!!!! Quality service. Meet with a smile!!!! Not expensive!!!


She put her daughter’s brackets at Ahramchuk T

She put her daughter’s brackets at Ahramchuk Т. V! Not more expensive than in other clinics! Already there is a result!!! The doctor is very enjoyable!


Did implantation in Vladimir Akhramchuk

Did implantation in Vladimir Vladimirovich Akhramchuk!!!! Everything went smoothly and painlessly! I am very glad that I met such a wonderful doctor!!

Олег Іванович

On the recommendation of friends

On the recommendation of friends, she planned to put lingual braces in this clinic. However, after calculating the cost (approximately 50,000 UAH), the idea had to be postponed. It’s a pity: ((I hope that in our city there will soon be a hundred-somethings with the quality of services, as here, but with lower prices. Thank you for your understanding of the SSS team.

Жанна Гуренко

The child wanted to be treated

The child wanted to be treated only in this clinic!!! Where only we were not. And here and persuade did not have to!!!!!!! Very satisfied!!!!!


The gum was treated by the doctor of the periodontist!

The gum was treated by the doctor of the periodontist!!!! The result was after the 1st visit !!!!! I recommend !!!!

Ирина Юрьевна

I recommend orthodontist!!!!

I recommend orthodontist !!!! Very attentive and pleasant !!!!!!


Finally I found a high-quality dentist!

Finally I found a high-quality dentist !!!! Purely, without fuss, it is possible to cure my teeth !!!


Good dentistry!

Good dentistry! I would recommend !!!!


I was recommended to Suhchastnu Simeinu Stomatology

I was recommended to Suhchastnu Simeinu Stomatology, as the best in the city !!!! I never even regretted that I came here !!!! I recommend !!!


He treated the child!!!

He treated the child!!! Highly and painless!!!! The child is happy!!!

Ігор Андрійович

Gentle and clean dentistry!

Gentle and clean dentistry! I would recommend !!!!! Very pleased to come here !!!!!!


I went to the first time

I went to the first time and did my teeth clean! I liked it. Fast! Pleasant staff !!!

Єгоров Іван

The best clinic in the city!

The best clinic in the city! I treat with pleasure and I recommend everyone !!!!!

Марина Олександрівна

Thanks for the comfort and service!

Thanks for the comfort and service! The only clinic in the city, where it is so nice to treat your teeth!

Острогов Павло Олександрович

A wonderful clinic!

A wonderful clinic! Removed a tooth! Very satisfied! Absolutely painless!

Сотников Олександр

I am very pleased with the treatment)

I am very pleased with the treatment) I want to thank the doctors of your clinic for their professionalism, correctness, attention and impeccable service.


You are best!!! Thank you

You are best!!! Thank you for beautiful and healthy teeth !!!!


I am very pleased with Dr. Kravchenkom

I am very pleased with Dr. Kravchenkom Nikolai Nikolaevich! I recommend it to everyone! It is very attentive and works well!


I recommend that you carry out professional cleaning

I recommend that you carry out professional cleaning of teeth in the clinic of Suhchasna Simeina Stomatologia! Qualitatively and professionally, doctors work! Very satisfied!

Влад Леонидов

The clinic is wonderful, the staff is super

The clinic is wonderful, the staff is super, the doctor is a specialist in his field. Thank you.

Пустовіт Олександр

Service, equipment and quality of treatment

Service, equipment and quality of treatment at a high level! I will recommend the clinic to all my friends. Thanks “Suhasna Semeina Stomatologiya” for the quality work and good relations.

Камигачов Игорь

The clinic is just super!

The clinic is just super! He treated caries and put coronets at Nikolai Nikolaevich Kravchenko! I am very pleased with the doctor! It’s cozy, comfortable, painless! I recommend it to everyone!


I was very pleased

I was very pleased to visit this dentistry: cozy atmosphere, pleasant atmosphere and high professionalism of the staff.

Татьяна Глухова

Thanks for the two implants

Thanks for the two implants! Everything is super!


I put the seals, I was satisfied

I put the seals, I was satisfied. Very attentive staff and affordable price. So it was with the baby that he treated the teeth, everything turned out to be painless, and, most importantly, qualitatively. Thank you

Алена Клепикова

I went to the clinic with an urgent removal of the denticle

I went to the clinic with an urgent removal of the denticle and the subsequent implantation. At one stage, I did not have any complaints about the quality of treatment or care. Doctors of all manipulations conducted at a decent level – it was a feeling that they knew their business. During the first critical days after the procedures, administrators Oksana and Tatiana carefully monitored my feelings and the state as a whole. To date, I often forget that there is an artificial tooth, so everything is harmoniously fulfilled. I wish the further development of the clinic.


No more scary!

Nikolai great specialist and the man !!! Administrator Tatiana – fairy !!! I am afraid of dentists, but these peoplehave!!!

Alexandra Kondrashova

For an affordable price!

Pleasant (and very pretty) administrators, qualified and comprehensive advice and a full range of professional services in one place! For an affordable price!

Alexey Vasilchenko

the staff is very nice

the staff is very nice. there is already concern at the entrance to the clinic. doctors do their work responsibly and efficiently. Thank you for healthy teeth and a warm welcome)))

Леся Богинская

Thank you for my pretty teeth!

Thank you for my pretty teeth! Staff really cool and attentive. Trust only that modern dentistry 🙂

Валерія Чернігова

Wonderful staff

Very friendly and professional staff, individual approach, high-quality work. In short, here are working people who can be trusted withtheir teeth.

Анна Пасека

I am pleased

It sets itself two seals. really enjoyed it. The main thing is attentive dentists, and seal well put. Thank you))))! I am pleased

Оксана Талан

Very satisfied

For the second year served in this clinic, very satisfied, qualified and kind staff, modern equipment, treatment is painless and quick. The child is to accept with pleasure and without fear, and in the end receives treatment from a doctor a gift))))) !!!!!!

Елена Рева

Very happy

The treatmentwas very happy, friendly staff, highly qualified specialists, modern appliances) treatmentwas painless, I advise those physicians who fear dentists treated in that hospital)

Даша Школьна

It was nice

Itwas nice to talk to the administration,likari-professionals.QuiteLIKE

Александр Костромин

I recommend))

Treated teeth now have, I can say probably the best dental clinic in the city, doctors specialists, are able to do their job, before I went to him with a childhood fear of dentists … and after they stopped treatment) In general, in the future I will treat your teeth only they, and all I recommend))

Артур Остапенко

Doctors – professionals

Doctors – professionals, all at the highest level. It was nice to chat with the administration. All very much!)

Александра Джемелинская

Excellent dentistry!

Excellent dentistry! It’s nice that there is a clinic in Cherkassy this level! Thank you for your good service!

Влад Леонидов

Excellent dentistry.

Excellent dentistry. Friendly staff! Each visitor paying full attention. Doctors true professionals who not only diligently doing their job, but also care about the comfort of the patient. Prices fully consistent quality.
The clinic is equipped with the latest technology! I advise you to visit)))

Карина Йосипенко

All very much!

Thank you very much! All very much!

Евгений Кылымник

Dental Excellent!

Dental Excellent! Pleasant staff, modern equipment and quality service. Recommended!

Andrew Snowman

Liked it a lot!

Liked it a lot! Professional service, good staff, nice communication.
Keep it up!!! I advise everyone!

Вадим Федоренко

Really like

Really liked the clinic “Suchasna sіmeyna stomatologіya”. It’s simple super.Obsluzhivanie in the clinic at the highest level !!! I wish you success and prosperity!

Вадим Яшатов

Very happy

Very happy with the quality of servicein the clinic “Modern Family Dentistry” got all the help in the treatment and dentures. Pyyemno was surprised by the prices in the “promotional days”. I would recommend the clinic to all their friends.

Елена Перекупко

Satisfied service!

Long time use the services of the clinic – very satisfied and recommend you. Here qualified doctors, staff attentive and courteous administrators. It also established implants – quickly, efficiently and in an affordable price.

Валентина Дудник

Service on top!

Service on top! She did cleaning of the teeth – work just pleasantly surprised. The staff knows their job and try to do everything as best as possible every time! This organization deserves respect and attention for each as well as every person deserves such a service!

Анна Безверхая

Very good dentistry!

Very good dentistry! Two years ago, I put a crown of pressed ceramics. Very grateful to the doctor Ahramchuku VV, well-chosen color and made all quality! At the moment, I work happy. Until now I am treated here and recommend it to everybody!

Ирина Короткая

A good clinic.

A good clinic. Very nice and friendly staff, always feel at home, surrounded by care and attention of the clinic staff. Good equipment and wewarmlywelcomed.

Марина Зинченко

The clinic enjoyed it!

The clinic enjoyed it! High quality service and a great attitude to patients! I recommend to everyone!

Михаил Кучинский

Thank you for the service)

The clinic is very high. Grateful to all the staff for their professionalism, service, attention and respect. Quality and aesthetics on top. Thank you for the service)

Оля Charmed

High Level!

High Level of work with the client, yndyvydualnoe of treatment with MATCHING Several specialist, pryyatnыy staff! T AlwaysTimedelay uhostyat chaem a brand new cosmopolitan !!Last visitproshelAs always good)

Алла Сиряченко

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon! For a long time I could not find a good specialist in the field of orthodontics. I went on advice to many, but all to no avail. It was already desperate, but I suggested to one of my friends a good specialist in the clinic “Suchasna Simeyna Stomatologiya”. So – I want to thank Ahramchuk Tamara for her professionalism and excellent work. The whole service staff also thank you for care, friendly and warm atmosphere. To you want to go all the time. I will recommend you to all the friends and acquaintances.
Do you wish more good customers and continued success in the future !!!

Ninel Piskun

I recommend to everyone!!!

Thank you very much!!! Treated daughter teeth. I liked the attitude of the staff, the quality and professionalism !!! I recommend to everyone!!!

Виктория Погорелая

Positive experience!

After visiting the clinic were only positive impressions. In the clinic all modern equipment, great atmosphere, do not tense up. Now I will only occur at you!)

Vladimir Bahman

Wonderful dentistry!

Wonderful dentistry! Nice staff and good service. I recommend!

Инна Губенко

I am very pleased

I am very pleased that it is asked for help in the dental clinic because doctors are very professionally and with great responsibility related to work. I am happy with the treatment. Thank you very much!

Анютка Власова

Thank you so much for the professionalism

Thank you so much for the professionalism and the excellent, high-quality work-implantologist surgeon V. Ahramchuka. I have the opportunity to compare his work with “activities” doctors of other clinics, quite famous and expensive. Vladimir I wish great success, very grateful to him and I am sure that the dental clinic “Suchasna Simeyna Stomatologiya” great future, if her state – such doctors.
I want to note the excellent work of all staff, and to wish them all the best and continued success.
I would recommend the clinic “Suchasna Simeyna Stomatologiya” to all your friends and be sure to bring the treatment of their family members.

Наталья Куранда

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you very much, all is simply chic, made their teeth are not distinguished from the present)

Быков Макс

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